Visual Metaphor Examples


Topic: Racial Discrimination This visual metaphor is an image of different races forming one face. This image is comparing the six different races of the women and how they are all equal and the same.


This image is showing a group of people in a circle excluding someone else of a different color. This metaphor is comparing what people go through everyday when it comes to discrimination.


This visual metaphor is an image of children of different races in a circle. This is comparing how people of different races are all equal and are one.


3D – Design Project Reflection

What I enjoyed most about this project is how it gave me a sense of confirmation on my career choice. One of my major accomplishments from this project was including the Chanel logo in my design. Chanel is one of my favorite designers and I really liked being able to have this apart of my design. Before researching the career the of a Fashion Designer, I already had prior knowledge of what it takes to be in this field. I knew that in order to be a fashion designer I would have to at least have my Associates Degree in fashion merchandising and have knowledge of fabrics and patterns. After creating my design, I felt that it reflected the office that I would have as a designer which made me more passionate about this field.

The most challenging part of this project for me would be putting all of the objects together. This was hardest part for me because I had to make sure the parts were perfect and not too thin or too thick. I also had to make sure my objects weren’t floating of in the middle of the floor or grid.

This project taught me that this job isn’t very easy and that it is competitive and that you have to be different from everyone else. I was also able to learn how much money I could possibly make starting out as a designer.

To students who would take part in this project, I would advise them to do a lot of research on the career they’re interested in and to make sure that it is really what they want to do. I would also tell them to explore their options before making a final decision on their career project.

Six adjectives I would use to describe this project are educational, enjoyable, interesting, fun, tedious, and helpful.